RAJ VARDHAN RAHUL+917095819016 | [email protected] | https://linkedin.com/in/rajvardhanrahulEicient, ambitious and adaptable IT and Cybersecurity proessional with experience in IT and Cybersecurity consultation,clients management and technical support to customers, system administration and training. Possess adeptness inimplementing technology-based solutions including cybersecurity or businesses and clients along with standards,procedures, and processes that improve business unctionality and solve the problems aced by clients.Areas of expertise: ConsultationIT and Cybersecurity TrainingTechnical TroubleshootingCybersecurityClient/Customer SupportSystems AdministrationCloud ManagementBusiness ManagementWORK EXPERIENCERVR SECURITY SOLUTIONS 27/06/2019 – PresentIT & Cybersecurity Consultant | Trainer | FounderCompany ounded in 2019 with the aim to make cybersecurity available to anyone in any level o business due to the highdemand and low supply o cybersecurity proessionals to keep companies secure rom threats. Been providing IT &Cybersecurity Consultation and & Training as main services.Key Contributions:Provided expert level o consultation to ind technical and strategical solutions to 150+ clients or solving IT andCybersecurity related problems.Trained over 4000+ university and college students to make them learn cybersecurity rom basic level toproessional level. Also, provided cybersecurity awareness trainings to client’s company employees.Manages all vulnerabilities collected rom scanners to analyse and patch in the servers, applications and systems.Set up servers rom hardware to sotware level rom scratch level in baremetal servers in our data center.Perormed regular server and network checkups and perormed monitoring in daily basis to prevent downtime.Fixing the networks, operating systems that include Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, Windows and macOS andeven hardware to physically i any o clients or students are acing issues.Built and set up virtual machines using VMware ESXi in our virtual cyber security lab or company’s usage and alsoor students use or educational purposes to learn dierent kinds o tools taught by me.Developed websites, learning management systems, android applications as per company’s needs.Worked or customer support to answer, solve problems, and drive sales or company.Worked with government oicials to deal with cyber crimes and provide the best level o solutions.Perormed Risk Assessments based on NIST ramework or company’s clients.Worked or customer support to answer, solve problems, and drive sales or company.Managed inances o the company as per the company’s expenditure towards digital assets like data center ees,subscriptions, etc to make everything budget riendly or company.HOZTING.IN 24/10/2020 – 01/7/2022Founder | Administrator | Sales and Support managerStarted my own web hosting company that generated revenue over $30k in less than 6 months which is built rom scratchlevel o bare metal servers to a ully unctioning web hosting company that has potential to hold approx 700 websites. Key Contributions:Built everything rom the ground up utilizing my technical abilities to manage servers, setup networks, manage webapplications and server side applications that are required to or web hosting company to unction and make sales.Managed hundreds o client’s websites, servers regularly with constant security and downtime monitoring.Helped customers with technical issues related to VPS servers, web hosting accounts, virtual machines hosted in VMWare and some with Proxmox, DNS, Email deliverability issues, networking, SSL, SQL databases and accounts, data backups, security management and all the things in company by mysel eiciently using my skills.EDUCATION & CREDENTIALSCompleted High School in India. Studied CompTIA Security+ cert, planning to get it and also preparing or CISSP certiicationas o now ull time till I land a job. Later ater job, will study in o time without interering with job work timings.